Emily Foster-Hanson

In my research program, I study category representation. How do children and adults represent categories of things in their minds and use these representations to learn and make judgments? When and why do our beliefs about how categories should be bias our representations of how they actually are? How do these biased representations shape which features we generalize, and which features we think category members ought to have? My work lies at the intersection of developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, philosophy, and linguistics.

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cognitive Science of Values at Princeton University. I work with Dr. Tania Lombrozo in the Concepts and Cognition Lab.

I completed my PhD in Psychology at New York University, where I worked with Dr. Marjorie Rhodes in the

Conceptual Development and Social Cognition Lab. My doctoral research was funded by an NICHD F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) from the National Institutes of Health. I did my BA in Linguistics at Yale University.